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The one where they CHOOSE a Miracle Child!

Talk about a miracle story! Adoption is not an easy process and whether you yourself have been through it, you know somebody who has, or you’ve just seen it in a movie you know the stress that can come with finding the perfect fit. Now imagine if you haven’t matched with 59 kids/parents you chose and the 60th

child is a one month old, 1 pound 14-ounce baby boy in the NICU a state away. Ask yourself, what would you do? A Colorado couple decided to take the chance with zero reassurance of survival. Jason and Ellie arrived to meet their son in the St. Joseph NICU and within 30 minutes baby Jonathan was already proving to his parents and everyone around him the miracle he is by being able to get off the ventilator helping him breath! Ellie said in that moment she just felt like he knew his parents were there and it was all going to be okay. Today, Jonathan weighs 5 pounds and 7 ounces and continues to show his strength. He takes a bottle, makes the funniest faces and even gives his parents some attitude!

Given the circumstances of home being in Colorado and Jonathan being in Kansas, Jason and Ellie have had to stay in a hotel during their time in the NICU. They arrived in February and are still here weeks later. Hotel fees can add up quickly during that time and that is where Children’s Miracle Network is able to help! We are able to assist with their hotel expense!  in hopes this can take one more stress off this already incredible situation. Their family back in Colorado has also been enjoying our NicView cameras where they can live stream Jonathan from their own homes!

Our hope is that Jonathan continues to grow and get healthy so he can go home and live a happy life with his incredible parents. He is being taken care of nurses who all love him to pieces and no doubt will be sad to see him go but also extremely proud of the leaps and bounds he has fought through! If you ever wonder what your money goes towards, it’s situations just like this. So, thank you to those who have already given and to those who would like to, click here.