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Panda Express shows continued support to CMN at Ascension Via Christi

Panda Express became a partner to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at Ascension Via Christi  in 2011 and since that time, local restaurants have raised more than $111,000 for Kansas kids.  They are the fastest growing partnership in the network and are becoming more and more involved in our community.

Lunar New Year in January 2020 provided the perfect opportunity for the Panda Express team at East Kellogg to get to know our national CMNH champion Vinny. During his volunteer time at the register asking for donations to CMN, the Panda crew quickly decided Vinny was a pretty cool kid, and he sure loves his “Panda people”.

Shortly after Lunar New Year, Panda Parking was created in our pediatric unit to commemorate the partnership between Panda Express and CMN Hospitals at Ascension Via Christi.  This “parking” area houses the various modes of transportation available to children in the hospital who have to receive some kind of treatment, other than a wheelchair or their hospital bed.  The items range from wagons to go-kart style cars complete with hooks for their iv’s. 

Then COVID-19 happened. Everything turned upside down just as it has for everyone else. Panda Express shifted their focus from children’s services only and continued to show their support of their communities. Through their foundation, Panda Cares, Ascension Via Christi received 28,000 masks to combat the COVID-19 pandemic for our associates, patients, and visitors.

Through everything, Panda Express has modified their business model to continue to serve their communities  to their fullest capacity and we are grateful for their partnership. We are certainly “Panda Proud”.